1. Animal Control

    Find out about animal control.

  2. Birth & Death Certificates

    Learn about birth and death certificates.

  3. Building Permits

    Find out about building permits.

  4. Fire Department

    Learn about the Fire Department.

  5. Library

    Explore the library.

  6. Pay Taxes

    Discover how to pay your taxes.

  7. Police Department

    Find out about the Police Department.

  8. Property Information

  9. Recreation Activities

    Explore recreation activities in East Longmeadow.

  10. Sewer

    Discover sewer information.

  11. Stormwater

    Find out about stormwater.

  12. Street Maintenance

    Learn about street maintenance.

  13. Waste Reduction

    The Town of East Longmeadow operates a comprehensive waste management program consisting of curbside trash and recycling collection, as well as the Knowlton Transfer Station for hard-to-manage waste.

  14. Water

    Discover water.