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Water Rates
Setting Water Rates
The water rate for the Town of East Longmeadow is set annually by the Board of Public Works at a public hearing usually held in early April. View full chart of current water fees and charges.

As of July 1, 2016, the rate for water will be $3.05 per 100 cubic feet of water. One hundred cubic feet of water is equal to 748 gallons of water. This breaks down to the fact that you are only paying about 4/10 of one cent for each gallon of water delivered to your home! 

Minimum Charges
For consumers who use less than 1000 cubic feet of water per billing cycle, there is a minimum charge of $30.50. This minimum charge contributes towards the cost of maintaining our underground infrastructure, the wholesale cost of purchasing the water from the Springfield Water and Sewer Commission and continuous testing and disinfection of the water.

Water Conservation
Consumers are urged to conserve water whenever possible to help protect our precious resource and to keep their bills as low as possible. If you are looking for tips on conserving water, please contact Robert Peirent of the East Longmeadow Department of Public Works at (413) 525-5400 extension 1201.

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