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New Math Curriculum for Grades K-5 has been Adopted

ELPS will begin implementing a new core math curriculum for grades K-5 beginning in the fall of 2015. Eureka Math was selected as the District’s core math curriculum.

Eureka Math designs instruction at the elementary level based on: A Story of Units, a comprehensive, student-centered curriculum tightly aligned with the MA Math Curriculum Frameworks/Standards. Eureka Math is structured around three essential shifts that drive instruction: focus, coherence and rigor. Rigor is three pronged, requiring teachers to pursue with equal intensity deep conceptual understanding, fluency/procedural skills, and application to real world problems.

Why Eureka Math?

In the spring of 2015, an independent evaluation of K-8 Math curriculum resources conducted by reported that our previous Math curriculum resource-Investigations- was no longer well aligned to the standards. Eureka Math was the highest rated Math program for both standards alignment and instructional material design. Further information regarding this study can be found at

Not only is our previous resource for K-5 Math Curriculum not aligned to the standards but staff feedback supports these research findings. Over the past three years the District has received continuous feedback from staff regarding the difficulty they had in using Investigations while trying to teach to the expectations outlined by the most recent version of standards: the 2011 Massachusetts Math Frameworks/Standards.

To summarize, the decision to transition to a new high quality math program was based on three main factors:

  1. Alignment to the 2011 MA Math Frameworks/Standards
  2. Input/Feedback from curriculum writing committee members and department heads
  3. Researched best practices and instructional design

The District has put support structures in place for both staff and families to assist with the transition. These supports are listed below.

Planned Supports for Teachers

  1. Summer Curriculum Committee members created a “quick view” overview of each math module for staff to use.  The overview includes: objectives, standards, materials needed, vocabulary used, pacing revisions (ex: what lessons to condense or omit), number of days for the module, etc.  These are to be shared with all staff via Google Drive.
  2. All teachers have access to online training videos designed and delivered by teachers using Eureka. This on-demand video professional development can be used during monthly grade level meeting time throughout the school year.
  3. New Manipulative kits have been purchased (to be delivered to schools by August 10, 2015) for each teacher.  Purchases were based on recommendations from the Summer Curriculum Writing Committee members.
  4. All teachers have access to printed and online Teacher Editions of the curriculum, as well as student workbooks for each student.
  5. Classroom sets of consumable/reproducible materials, in addition to the classroom manipulative kits, are being created and provided to all teachers to help cut down on preparation time.  Again, these resources are being developed based on recommendations from the Summer Curriculum Writing Committee members.
  6. Voluntary Summer Professional Development provided to 15 teachers from grades K-8 at no cost including the grade 3-5 Math Instructional Coach who will support implementation. 
  7. Face to face professional development will be provided to all staff in grades K-5 on November 2, 2015.  Additionally, staff will be provided with two ½ day PD sessions during the school year.  These PD sessions will be designed to provide collaborative Math planning time for grade level teams. 

 Planned Supports for Families (in development)

  1. District level Math Informational Night will be conducted in early fall. This night will provide parents/guardians with an overview of the structure of math instruction students experience daily.
  2. Math Nights will be organized and held in each school (to be determined). 
  3. Monthly Math Parent Newsletters are provided as part of Eureka Math Curriculum materials and will be shared with parents.

On-going information regarding implementation will be shared via the Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment Newsletter found on the Teaching and Learning page of the District website as well as the ELPS Teaching and Learning Blog. Please feel free to contract Valerie Annear, the Director of Curriculum, Instruction, & Assessment with any questions at .


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