Conservation Commission

Conservation Commission Members

 Thomas O'Brien, Chair -2023
 William Arment, Vice Chair -2023  
Elizabeth Stoughton, Clerk- 2023 (CPC rep 2021-2023)

 Anthony Zampiceni - 2024

 Vacant - 2024
 Michael Carabetta - 2022

 Vacant - 2022


Duties & Responsibilities

The Conservation Department administers East Longmeadow’s general by-laws chapters 10.010 through 10.02, conservation by-laws, and enforcement, as well as 310 CMR. The Conservation Commission is responsible for protecting East Longmeadow’s natural resources including wetlands and selected open space lands.

In cooperation with the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection, the East Longmeadow Conservation Commission administers and enforces the Massachusetts Wetland Protection Act and the Massachusetts Rivers Protection Act.  These laws protect ponds, rivers, river banks, streams, wetlands, floodplains, vernal pools, and other sensitive environmental resources, which are part of our ecosystem.  This protection provides for clean water, nutrient-rich habitat, and wildlife feeding grounds.  Residential and commercial projects near these resources require review and approval by the Conservation Commission.

With few exceptions, the Conservation Commission meets on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month in the School Committee meeting room at the rear of the East Longmeadow High School, 180 Maple Street.  Meetings begin at 7:00pm.

Any proposed alteration of Wetlands, Buffer Zones or Riverfront areas should be described in a Request for Determination of Applicability (RDA) Mass DEP form WPA 1 and submitted to the Conservation Commission.  In certain cases, a Notice of Intent (NOI) Mass DEP form WPA 3 may be required.  A public notice will be placed in a local newspaper at least five (5) business days prior to the hearing date.  Therefore, the applicant should file at least two weeks prior to the target meeting date.

Building permit applicants are advised that any projects within wetland buffer zones or within 200 feet of a perennial stream or river must be approved by the East Longmeadow Conservation Commission.  Map views of approximate wetland or river resources can be found on the Mass DEP website: Commissioners are also willing to review draft building plans and provide advice to applicants during a regularly scheduled meeting. The granting of a building permit does not confer or imply any approval with respect to wetland regulations.

For submittal requirements and other pertinent forms please refer to the section for Conservation Commission Submittals.

The applicant is responsible for sending a copy of the Request for Determination of Applicability (RDA) or Notice of Intent (NOI) to the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection office in Springfield as well as providing the original form and supporting materials to the Conservation Commission.


Brown Farm Trails Map


                                      East Longmeadow Conservation Land Maps

Jarvis- EL Conservation Land


Lombard Lull- EL Conservation Land

Lombard Lull

Mary Swords-EL Conservation Land

Mary Swords (1)

Pine Quarry- EL Conservation Land

Pine Quarry (1)

Veratti- EL Conservation Land