Conservation Commission

Conservation Commission Members
  Craig Jernstrom, Chair -2021
  Jeffrey Bosworth, Clerk -2020
  Anthony Zampiceni -2021
  Thomas O'Brien -2020  
   Frances Corgnati -2020
   Erin Lynch- 2021



Duties & Responsibilities

The Conservation Department administers East Longmeadow’s general by-laws chapters 10.010 through 10.02, conservation by-laws, and enforcement, as well as 310 CMR. The department assists in the preparation of various reports and plans related to the current and future uses of conservation land in the Town of East Longmeadow.

This department serves as the professional and technical staff for the Conservation Commission. The Conservation Department also serves as the professional and technical staff for residents of East Longmeadow and all developers for subdivisions and all types of business, commercial, and industrial proposals within the boundaries under the jurisdiction of the Conservation Commission and is responsible for the administration of environmental laws and policies, open space protection and management, preservation of natural features of the environment, and coordination for joint action with many town bodies. The Conservation Department provides review and staff support for all permit applications to the Conservation Commission.

The staff is dedicated to managing development in an efficient, effective, and equitable manner. It is the goal of this department to provide clear, accurate, and timely information to the public concerning planning and development activities within the Town of East Longmeadow.
Stormwater and the Construction Industry_B
Stormwater and the Construction Industry

                                      East Longmeadow Conservation Land Maps

Jarvis- EL Conservation Land


Lombard Lull- EL Conservation Land

Lombard Lull

Mary Swords-EL Conservation Land

Mary Swords (1)

Pine Quarry- EL Conservation Land

Pine Quarry (1)

Veratti- EL Conservation Land