1st and 2nd Grade Rules


The objective of the league is to introduce the game of basketball to first and second grade boys and girls. Coaching efforts will focus on the teaching of basic basketball fundaments, team play, sportsmanship and fun. Teams will meet twice a week, once for a practice and once for a game. Games will be played against other teams to introduce the competitive aspect of basketball. However, no official score will be kept in order to emphasize the development of the basic basketball skills that each player will need to enjoy and succeed as they get older. Children who have fun and get better will want to continue to play basketball as they get older.


a. Equipment will consist of 8’ baskets and 28.5” basketballs.

b. One coach per team will be allowed on the floor during games. The coaches will act as referees as well as to provide limited instructions.

c. Games will consist of two 20 minute halves with running time except for the last two minutes of each half.

d. Each team will be allowed two time outs per game lasting one minute. Official time outs will occur every five minutes to allow for substitutions. There will be a 3 minute break at halftime.

e. Regular basketball rules will generally apply with the following modifications:

i. No official score will be kept.

ii. Man to man defense is required to be played and players can’t guard above the foul line extended. Additionally, no double teaming is allowed.

iii. No stealing of the ball is allowed while a player is dribbling.

iv. No fast breaks are allowed. The defensive team must be allowed to set up before the ball is brought down court.

v. Double dribbling and traveling should be discouraged however it shouldn’t automatically create a turnover unless it is repetitive. Coaches should use their discretion.

vi. Alternating possession rule applies after the initial jump ball.

vii. Two foul shots should be awarded on a shooting foul. Foul shots are taken from the bottom of the circle within the foul line or the foul line. Coaches should use their discretion based on the ability of the player. All other fouls are taken from outbounds.