3rd and 4th Grade Rules


The objective of this league is to introduce the game of basketball to third and fourth grade boys and girls and to improve on skills previously developed. Coaching efforts will be geared toward teaching basic basketball fundamentals, team play, sportsmanship, and fun.


A.     Equipment will consist of 10' baskets and the 28.5" basketball.

B.     Two coaches per team will be allowed on the bench during games. The league will provide referees.

C.      Games will consist of two 20-minute halves of running time, with the following exceptions:

•          The last two minutes of the game will be 'Stop Time' as with regular basketball rules.

•           Each team will be allowed three 1-minute timeouts per game.

•          There will be a 3-minute halftime break.

•           In the event of a tie, there will be one 3-minute overtime with running time. The last minute of overtime will be 'Stop Time'.

D.     Regular basketball rules will apply with the following exceptions:

•           All defensive players must have at least one foot in the three-point circle when the offensive team is in possession of the ball. There is no full-court press allowed at any time. A half-court press is allowed only during the last two minutes of the game. (Note: If a team is leading by ten points or more, they are not allowed to press during the last two minutes of the game.)

•          In place of 3-second violations, there will be 5-second violations.

•           The 10-second rule for getting the ball over half court will be enforced.

•          No full court press is allowed at any time.

•          The alternating possession rule will be used after the initial jump ball.

•         Foul shots will be given on shooting fouls at all times. Foul shooting (one and one) will be given on the 7th foul in each half and two foul shots will be awarded after 10 fouls in each half.

•        Three points will not be credited for shots made beyond the 3-point line. All shots made beyond the 3-point line will count as two points.

•         There will be five fouls per game per player. Each player fouls out after five fouls.

•           Foul shots will be taken from the bottom of the broken circle in the foul lane. Two shots will be awarded for any intentional foul.

•          The score will be "Frozen" (for the team that is ahead) when the difference becomes greater than 10 points until the trailing team reduces the deficit to under 10 points.

E.     Playing time must be allocated evenly among players.