7th and 8th Grade Rules

The following rules comply with the rules of the "Western Mass Rec Basketball League" for BOYS AND GIRLS

Section A: Philosophy of the League

The Recreational Basketball League is purely a non-competitive league stressing participation, sportsmanship, fun and the development of skills.

Section B: Eligibility

Grade is based on the current grade of the respective school year. Participation in both the Suburban Amateur Basketball League and the Western Mass Rec Basketball League simultaneously is prohibited.

Section C: Participation Guidelines

A. Child’s Playing Time – Mandatory Play Rule

a. Each child must play at least fifty percent (50%) of each game.

b. No child shall be excluded from participation in any game unless there are extenuating circumstances.

B. Enforcement of Rule

a. Direct enforcement of the rule will be the responsibility of each coach.

b. Witness violation of this guideline will result in game forfeiture.. Complaints brought to our attention during the season will be investigated and violation will result in further action.

Section D: Rules

A. Governing Rules

a. Except as otherwise provided herein, the High School Federation rules of the game will apply.

B. Rosters

a. The Recreation Department will set rosters at a minimum of eight (8) players and a maximum of ten (10) players.

b. A team must have a coach and at least four (4) team members before a game can begin and a game must begin no later than five (5) minutes after the scheduled time; otherwise the game is forfeited.

C. Duration of Play/Timing

a. Duration of Play

i. Play will consist of two (2) twenty (20) minute halves.

b. Time Outs

i. Each team is allowed four (4) timeouts per game.

c. Timing

i. Clock is running time.

ii. Clock will continue running during substitutions, shooting fouls and violations.

iii. Clock will only stop in following circumstances:

1. Timeouts

2. Official Timeouts (injuries, etc.)

3. Clock will stop on ALL whistles in the last minute of the game.

D. Fouls

a. A player will be disqualified after five (5) personal fouls,

b. One the seventh (7th) team foul of each half the 1 and 1 bonus will be awarded. Two (2) shots will be awarded after ten (10) fouls.

E. Half Time

a. Half time will be five (5) minutes in duration. However, if games are running behind, half time may be shortened.

F. Overtime

a. For any regular season game that ends in a tie, a three (3) minute overtime period, with the last minute stop time will commence. Any player who has not been disqualified is eligible to play in the overtime period. If the game is still tied at the end of overtime, the game is over and will be considered a tie.

b. For any playoff game the three (3) minute overtime period will continue for another period until there is a determined winner.

c. Mandatory Play Rule does not apply to overtime period.

G. Equipment/Ball Size

a. Equipment

i. No boots, cleats, heals, etc. allowed on gym floor. All players should be playing in proper athletic attire.

ii. Absolutely no jewelry is to be worn during games and practices. This includes earrings, necklaces, and watches.

b. All balls used for games must be a regulation 28.5 for the girls and a regulation men’s ball for the boys.

c. Officials will have the final say as to whether ball is suitable for game or not.

H. Held Ball (Jump Ball Situation)/Alternating Possession

a. Jump Ball

i. Jump Ball will mark the start of every game.

ii. After the start of the game, teams will alternate out-of-bounds procedure (throw-in) on all jump ball situations.

b. Possession at end of the half

i. The possession arrow, as governed by the High School Federation Rules, will determine possession for the start of the 2nd half.

I. Mandatory Play Rule

a. The purpose of this rule is so that children are given the opportunity to develop their basketball skills in a game like environment.

b. Each child who shows up at the game must play at least fifty percent (50%) of the game. No child should be playing the entire game, unless only five (5) are in attendance.

c. Direct enforcement of the rule will be the responsibility of each coach.

J. Defense

a. Teams may use any defense they desire.

b. Pressing at this age level is allowed.

i. Team has ten (10) seconds to advance the ball over mid-court.

ii. If a team is leading by fifteen (15) or more points they cannot press.

iii. If a team is leading by twenty (20) or more points they must play defense within the three-point arc.

K. Three-Point Shot

a. Three-point shots are allowed at this age. All shots taken from behind arc that goes in will count for three (3) points. This rule only pertains to the gyms that have the three-point arc clearly marked.

L. Twenty Point freeze

a. If a team attains a twenty (20)-point lead over his/her opponent said score would be frozen at that twenty (20) point lead. However, if the team trailing in the score reduces the lead, then the team ahead may count the points for a successful basket until it retains a twenty (20)-point lead.

M. Fan Decorum

a. Coaches, players, parents, and guests will not engage in any unsportsmanlike conduct (e.g., booing, taunting, profane language or gestures, ridiculing, yelling at officials, etc.) and will not behave in any manner detrimental to the players, coaches, officials, or the overall game.

b. Violation by fans may lead to being ejected from the gym.

c. Violation by coaches may result in verbal warning or game forfeiture by the official. Repeated offenses may lead to a disciplinary hearing and action (including suspension).

d. No kids or parents should be on the court at anytime. This includes halftime and before and after the game.