Historical Commission


The East Longmeadow Historical Commission is a seven member board that works to preserve, promote and develop the town’s historical assets for present and future use. The commission oversees the operations of the Historical Museum House and the Library’s History Room.

Mission Statement:

The purpose of the Historical Commission is to acquire, organize, preserve and maintain material assets of interest that pertain to the history of East Longmeadow, to make these assets accessible to the public and promote historical awareness within the community.

To research, record and recommend places of historical value and interest; advise and assist on historical preservation issues; and seek to change or create legislation to better protect our historical resources.


2nd Monday from September to June at 6:00 pm, held in The Little Red School House on School St.

HISTORICAL COMMISSION BOARD: Seven Commissioners Appointed by Town Manager


Tom Behan, Chair                             2023
Bruce Moore, Vice Chair                   2024
Andrea Driscoll, Secretary                 2025
Ken Hancock, Treasurer                    2025
John Makara, CPC Rep                     2024
George Kingston                                2024
VACANT                                             2023
John Fitzpatrick, Associate                2023  apptd. by TM 
Joyce Kent, Associate                       HC appointee

Sherry McKeon
Kathy Sheehan
Scott Moore
Peter Bradley

Historical Museum House


87 Maple Street, East Longmeadow, MA 01028


(413) 525-3425 (leave message only)

Open for Tours

1:00 pm to 3:00 pm every 3rd Saturday from September to June, weather permitting, or by appointment.

Historical Museum House Page

Local History Room

A gift from Mr. & Mrs. S. Prestley Blake


East Longmeadow Public Library - 2nd floor


To schedule a time to visit the Museum or the Local History Room, located on the 2nd floor of the Library, please call: Bruce Moore 413-525-3072 to make an appointment.