Health Department Permit Applications

List of East Longmeadow Health Department Permit Fee's Revised April 27, 2021

The Authority of the Board of Health to Set and Charge Fees (PDF) 

Permit Applications

Body Art Establishment Permit 

Body Art Practitioner Permit (Practitioner, Apprentice, Probationary and Guest/Temporary) 

Hauler Permit Application 2022

Hauler Application Checklist 2022

Farmers Market Permit Application 2021

Food Service Permit Application Revised 2021

Income Statement for Food Permit Applications Revised 2021

Pool Permit Application Revised 2021

Recreational Camp Application Revised 2022

Septic Handler

Septic Installer Revised 2017

Also required for Septic Installer permit: Title 5 Form 1A Application for Disposal System Construction Permit

Tanning Facility Permit Application 

Temporary Food Application Revised 2018

Additional items required upon submitting application: 

- Copy of valid Allergen and Serve Safe Certificate 

- $45.00 per day check made payable to The Town of East Longmeadow

-If you are a food establishment from outside of East Longmeadow, a copy of your current Food Establishment Permit 

Title 5 Official Inspection Form Revised July 26, 2018

Tobacco Permit Application & Checklist Revised 2020

Temporary Housing Application Revised 2017

Opening a New Food Service Establishment in East Longmeadow?

Include all of the following in your business packet to qualify to a food permit:

Plan Review Application Revised August 14, 2019

Food Service Permit Application Revised 2021

Fats Oils & Grease Application and please review FOG Regulations  Revised 2017

HACCP - Steps for Requesting a Variance 

Retail Food Code Standards for Permitted Residential Kitchens (Updated April 2019) 

Residential Kitchens FAQ (April 2019)