Retiree Benefits


All retirees that are receiving a monthly pension check from Hampden County Regional Retirement Board or the Massachusetts Teachers Retirement System as a retiree of the Town of East Longmeadow are eligible for continued participation in the following post employment benefits.  

Dental Insurance

If enrolled in dental coverage at the time of retirement, a retiree can continue their coverage for 18 months by electing COBRA.  They will be enrolled in the same plan as the active employee and pay an additional 2% of the premium.

Active Employee/COBRA Dental Plan Highlights

Active Employee/COBRA Dental Plan Enrollment Form

Once the 18 months of COBRA coverage have been exhausted they can enroll directly into the retiree coverage without any wait periods.

Retiree Dental Plan Highlights

Retiree Dental Plan Enrollment Form
Participants that enroll in the retiree coverage without existing coverage will be subject to wait periods as outlined in the plan highlights. 

Boston Mutual Life Insurance

Upon retirement Basic Life insurance drops to $1000 in coverage.  To continue with this coverage the retiree pays $0.22 per month and the Town pays $0.22 per month.  Optional Life insurance coverage will terminate upon retirement unless the retiree enrolled prior to 2011 and is in the grandfathered plan.

Health Insurance

All retirees of the Town of East Longmeadow are eligible for the Town's contributory group health insurance! However, Mass General Laws state that, 
in order to maintain eligibility for the Town's contributory group health insurance, all municipal retirees and their dependents must enroll in Medicare Parts A&B when they are eligible for premium-free Medicare Part A. A copy of the Medicare card must be submitted with enrollment forms.  In addition we have our own policy which dictates a retiree's eligibility for continued coverage for themselves and their dependents.  Surviving Spouses and dependents are eligible to continue on the Town's contributory group health plans as long as they meet the eligibility requirements in the Town's policy.

Policy for Retiree Eligibility for Contributory Group Health Insurance

Retired but you and/or your dependents are not yet eligible for premium-free Medicare Part A?

Retirees and/or their dependents that are not yet eligible for premium-free Medicare Part A will be eligible for the same health insurance plans as our active employees.  At this time the Town's contribution remains the same as if the retiree were still working and on one of these plans.

Active Employee Health Insurance Information

Retired and you and/or your dependents are eligible for premium-free Medicare Part A?

The Town offers three types of insurance plans that work with Medicare to cover individuals.  They are Wraps,  Supplements, and Advantage/Replacement plans.  All of our plans have a Part D or prescription drug component and this is included in the rate for coverage.  Medicare plans do not have the option of family coverage and all rates are per person per month.  A retiree and their spouse do not have to have the same coverage and can enroll in different Medicare plans.

Retiree Benefits Packet 10-26-2016

Medicare Wrap and Supplement Plan Comparison Summaries

Medicare Advantage/Replacement Plan Comparison Summaries Helpful Information Regarding our Medicare Plans

Rates and Useful Information 2017

Wrap Plans

provide excellent coverage when services are received from participating providers and/or facilities. The nearest hospital is covered in emergency situations. Out-of-pocket costs are limited to minimal co-pays. Services can be obtained from non-network providers/facilities that accept Medicare however the subscriber will be responsible for whatever Medicare does not pay.  Health New England's Med-Plus is our only Medicare plan that allows for continued use of Good Health Gateway and My Medications Advisor for free diabetes medications and testing supplies and certain maintenance medications. 

Blue Cross Blue Shield Managed Blue For Seniors

Plan Highlights

Prescription Coverage Information

Enrollment Form - Medical

Enrollment Form - Prescription

Health New England Med-Plus

Plan Highlights

Enrollment Form

Supplement Plans

offer the most versatility. Services can be received from any provider and/or facility that accept Medicare. Supplemental plans pay whatever Medicare does not cover for any Medicare covered service. However, if Medicare does not cover the service, the plan usually does not either. The Tufts Medicare Supplement plan has co-pays for office visits but provides wellness benefits not covered by Medicare such as reimbursement for fitness club memberships and allowances for eyeglasses and hearing aids. 

Tufts Medicare Supplement

Plan Highlights

Enrollment Form

Blue Cross Blue Shield Medex II Enhanced


Plan Highlights

Prescription Coverage

Enrollment Form - Medical

Enrollment Form - Prescription

Advantage/Replacement Plans

generally have lower premiums and offer additional wellness benefits such as fitness clubs and/or Weight Watchers reimbursements as well as dental, eyeglass and/or hearing aid allowances. However they may have a deductible, co-pays at the time of service for office visits, hospital admissions and high imaging diagnostics including PET scans, CT scans and MRIS. They have limited provider and/or facility networks with no coverage for services received out of the participating network except for emergency services. Health New England’s Secure Freedom of Choice POS plan does provide for out of network services with increased co-pays for services received from non-participating providers/facilities.

Health New England Secure Freedom POS

Plan Highlights

Enrollment Form 

Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare HMO Blue

Plan Highlights

Enrollment Form

Tufts Medicare Preferred HMO

Plan Highlights

Enrollment Form