Application Submittals


*Meeting dates are subject to change.

Please call the office to confirm your meeting date, as agendas may fill.

Applications cannot be accepted in the office on dates that Conservation Commission meetings are held.


Most application submittals require a Certified List of Abutters which is obtained through the Assessor's Office at an average cost of $25 and may take up to 10 days to process. 

For more information about this process, please visit this link or call the Assessor's Office at extension 1600.

As per the general by laws for East Longmeadow, Ch. 10 Special Committees and Commissions, section 10.012 (E), copies of complete plan packet submittals (to include application, photos, narrative and all supporting documentation) must be provided for Department Heads as well as the Conservation Commission.

Planning and Community Development Department staff will route plans as necessary.

Total copies required:


  • Fourteen (14)


  • Ten (10) 11 x 17
  • Four (4) 24 x 36


  • One (1) USB containing complete submittal (Plans, Photos, Narrative, Application, etc.)