CoVid-19 FAQ

April 10, 2020

Question: Big Y does not seem to be following the Governor’s protocol regarding limiting the number of people inside.

Answer: The Health Department spoke to the manager that stated they will now have someone keep count in order to only allow 200 people in the store at a time using a 10 in and 10 out system. 

April 9, 2020

Question: Is a car wash considered essential? 

Answer: This is non-essential. The Health Department will contact the manager and let them know they can not be open right now. 

Question: Can I donate cloth masks to the Fire Department?

Answer: Unfortunately the Fire Department can’t accept anything other than non-surgical. 

April 8, 2020

Question: I’m concerned about my daughter working at a facility where someone has tested positive for covid-19. 

Answer: Your daughter should contact her physician if she shows any symptoms. 

Question: Should I throw away plastic bags I get from stores?

Answer: Yes, toss bags that you receive. Currently no way to recycle them curbside. 

April 7, 2020

Question: I am in need of a mask, can you help me get one?

Answer: Yes, the fire department can provide you with a couple masks if needed. *UPDATE East Longmeadow MRC/CERT will be making masks and providing them to residents in need. A pick-up location will be determined soon. 

Question: I saw on the news that the National Guard was going to be in East Longmeadow. Where will they be?

Answer: Through the Governor’s attempt to curb the spread of Covid-19 in congruent living, certain facilities can request support in testing residents, which is where they will be in East Longmeadow. 

April 6, 2020

Question: An employee at our facility tested positive, how can we clean the facility? 

Answer: All cleaning procedures can be found on the CDC’s website at

Question: How many cases are there in East Longmeadow?

Answer: The state has asked that we report our numbers as a county, which as of April 6, 2020, is 768. If there were to be an exposure in town that had put residents at risk, we would certainly share that information. The concern with reporting individual town numbers is that we could inadvertently share information that would make these individuals identifiable and that would violate HIPPA. Additionally- we know the virus is widespread is on community so the specific number of cases has no impact on our instruction or directions on how to protect yourself or your family. 

Question: Is Hasbro/Sodexo open and considered essential?

Answer: Allowed to continue shipping only, no manufacturing. 

Question: A resident at the nursing facility I work at tested positive, can I get tested and what should I do to protect my family when I return home from work? 

Answer: Contact your physician if you start to show symptoms. The facility is not on a list for testing at this time, so you won’t be able to get tested if you aren’t showing any symptoms. We agree that it is a good idea to shower when you get home from work and distance yourself from the rest of the family. 

April 5, 2020

Question: Are there any restrictions about riding a motorcycle right now? 

Answer: There are no restrictions. 

April 2, 2020

Question: Why are kids still gathering at the High School Fields and stands? 

Answer: The track remains open for public use. The fields are being monitored and signage has been posted.

Question: Where can I find PPE for my staff? 

Answer: Contact Chief Morrissette at the Fire Department.

April 1, 2020

Question: What services can I offer for my pet business? 

Answer: Boarding and daycare for dogs is considered essential, however, no grooming at this time. 

Question: Where can I donate drinks and water to nurses and doctors?

Answer: Call Mass 211 for more information on where donations are being accepted. 

Question: Why is Petco still offering grooming? 

Answer: Grooming is non essential. The Health Department spoke to the manager at Petco and closed all grooming services as of 12:00pm today. 

Question: I don’t believe a business in town is sanitizing properly and enforcing social distancing protocols, what can be done?

Answer: The Health Department spoke with the manager and went over their sanitizing protocol with them to make sure it is sufficient. The business agreed to place tape on the floor to keep proper social distancing between those in line waiting to check out. 

Question: Can my non-essential business offer curbside pick up even though we’ve been closed down?

Answer: Not at this time, but the Health Department will update you if that changes. 

March 30, 2020

Question: A worker at the business I work at has tested positive for Covid-19, why am I not being quarantined? 

Answer: Unless the staff member is a resident of East Longmeadow, our Health Department would not be notified of the results. Unless the employee was symptomatic while working, there will not be any close contact traceback for co-workers per DPH guidelines.

Question: When will non-essential businesses be able to reopen? 

Answer: All businesses are closed until April 6th at 12:00pm. *UPDATE This was extended through May 4th at 12:00pm.

Question: I am concerned that the school fields and parks are crowded with teams and groups of kids, what can be done to make sure social distancing protocols are being enforced. 

Answer: Public works is locking up and closing down all access to fields and parks. Situations where people are not following social distancing protocols will be addressed as needed by a town employee.

March 27, 2020

Question: Can the Health Department help me get unemployment benefits quicker? 

Answer: The Health Department can not get unemployment benefits to kick in more quickly. Continue to contact the Council on Aging for essentials such as food and personal care items and contact us if there are any further questions. 

Question: What is the Council on Aging doing to keep people protected from those who deliver meals on wheels?

Answer: The Council on Aging has asked all volunteers to take their temperature prior to coming into work and if they are sick, they should stay home. However, the Council on Aging can not get thermometers at this time to do on site checks. 

Question: I am new to town, how do I get a recycling bin?

Answer: Call the Health Department at 413-525-5400 x 1108 and we will be happy to drop one off for you.

Question:  Is the transfer station open on Saturdays still?

Answer: Yes, they are still open on Saturdays. You must have a 2020 sticker. To get a dump sticker, contact the DPW at 413-525-5400 x 1200. 

Question: Can people still use reusable bags at the grocery store? 

Answer: Reusable bags are not allowed to be used. Please do not bring reusable bags into stores. If you bring them in, they will not be used by staff at the register. 

March 26, 2020

Question: Can I continue to run my landscaping business?

Answer: Landscaping is not listed as an essential business, but you may receive exempt status from the Governor if you complete an exemption form. 

Question: Can a law office continue to operate? 

Answer: Law offices are not listed as an essential business. It is possible that local law offices can receive clearance from Governor Baker, so check your local law office to see if they have received clearance. Lawyers may continue to work from home, but should not be operating out of a business office without clearance. 

Question: Can the Health Department release information on who has tested positive for COVID-19 in East Longmeadow?

Answer: The Health Department can not release any identifying information, however, we have completed close contact investigations and anyone who has been in direct contact with a positive person will be or has been notified.

Question: Can I be tested just in case without symptoms? 

Answer: Only certain people can qualify to be tested, which includes; having symptoms, coming in direct contact with a person who has tested positive, or if you’ve traveled recently

March 25, 2020

Question: Why are certain places allowed to be open and what can be done to stop people from congregating outside of certain businesses in town? 

Answer: Certain businesses that were designated under Governor Baker’s orders as essential are allowed to continue to operate. The Health Department is happy to go and discuss social distancing protocols with any businesses to prevent people from congregating outside. 

Question: Why are businesses like American Saw and Stanley Black and Decker still operating? 

Answer: These businesses are considered essential under Governor Baker’s order. 

March 24, 2020

Question: Can a cleaning business or other similar businesses stay in operation during this time?

Answer: Businesses are allowed to complete an exemption form with the state and if granted, they can continue to operate. However, the business must close in the meantime until the exemption is granted. 

Question: I have Covid-19 symptoms, where can I get tested?

Answer: Call a medical professional. If you are having a hard time getting tested, call mass 211. 

Question: For the people who have tested positive in town, will the Health Department complete a trace back and advertise all the places the people may have been during the incubation period? 

Answer: Yes, the Health Department completes a trace back on all confirmed East Longmeadow residents. People who have come in direct contact will be notified. 

March 23, 2020

Question: Can private cleaning companies still come to your home and complete services? 

Answer: The Health Department recommends to hold off on these types of services at this time. 

Question: Is construction work allowed? 

Answer: All construction is allowed to continue per Governor Baker’s order. 

Question: Are vet offices allowed to continue to operate?

Answer: Yes, they are designated as essential under Governor Baker’s order. 

March 20, 2020

Question: Can the Health Department close down hair salons, nail salons, and other businesses where it isn’t possible for staff and customers to maintain a 6’ distance from each other?

Answer: The Board of Health will be holding an emergency Board of Health meeting on Sunday, March 22, 2020 to address this issue and temporarily close all businesses where customers and staff are not able to maintain a 6’ distance from each other to perform a service. This will also include all fitness centers in East Longmeadow. *UPDATE All nonessential businesses are closed under Governor Baker’s orders. For a complete list of businesses considered essential, visit 

Question: Are businesses still allowed to operate in town if there is no way for customers and staff to be 6’ apart?

Answer: Businesses have been asked if they want to stay operational, social distancing standards set forth by Mass DPH must be practiced. The Health Dept. will visit any establishment in town to help them meet these requirements and make everyone feel safe and protected during this time. *UPDATE All nonessential businesses are closed under Governor Baker’s orders. For a complete list of businesses considered essential, visit 

March 19, 2020

Question: Are companies that provide in-home child services, such as therapy, being asked to stop services after Governor Baker’s closing of all non-essential child care facilities?

Answer: Please contact Mass DPH through their 2-1-1 call system. We have not received any direction on in-home services at this time. *UPDATE All nonessential businesses are closed under Governor Baker’s orders. For a complete list of businesses considered essential, visit 

Question: People standing in line at CVS were not 6’ apart while waiting for their prescription. What can the Health Department do to enforce this if the pharmacy is not?

Answer: The Health Department is happy to send a staff member to any facility to help them work out a system that allows people to stand in line and maintain 6’ from each other.

March 18, 2020

Question: Should I be concerned about bringing in the newspaper and other mail?

Answer: Be careful not to touch your nose or eyes while reading and wash your hands when you are done reading the paper and touching the mail. 

Question: Is washing fruits and vegetables under water enough?

Answer: There are no official recommendations for fruits and vegetables, but for fruits with edible skin, you can peel it away until we know more information about how COVID19 is spread. As we learn more about this "new" or "novel" virus, guidelines from the CDC or DPH will be updated and once information is released, we will update our recommendation. 

Question: Does the 10 person limit on gatherings include child care facilities?

Answers: Daycares and child care facilities are considered an essential service, therefore, they are exempt from Governor Baker’s declaration of gatherings restricted to no more than 25 people. *UPDATE Per Governor Baker March 18th, all daycares that are not designated essential will be closed.

Question: Is it safe to use reusable bags?

Answer: The CDC said using reusable bags does not present a concern. *UPDATE 3/27/2020: Grocery stores are not allowing the use of reusable bags. Please leave them at home and stores will provide bags at check out.  

Question: What are the rules for church gatherings?

Answer: As of March 16th, Governor Baker has restricted gatherings to no more than 25 people. Churches are not exempt.

March 17, 2020

Question: Is the Board of Health asking nail and hair salons to close?

Answer: Businesses are not being asked to close at this time, however, they must follow Governor Baker’s declaration effective March 16, 2020, that no more than 25 people can be in a facility at a time and people should remain 6’ away from each other. *UPDATE All nonessential businesses are closed under Governor Baker’s orders. For a complete list of businesses considered essential, visit 

Question: Are daycares still allowed to serve food and drink on-site?

Answer: Daycares and child care centers are exempt from Governor Baker’s order. *UPDATE Per Governor Baker March 18th, all daycares that are not designated essential will be closed.

Question: An employee was hospitalized and tested for COVID-19. This employee did not reside in East Longmeadow. Will my work close and what should we do as employees?

Answer: If there is a confirmed COVID-19 case, the town’s Public Health Nurse where the individual resides will be notified. The Public Health Nurse will do a traceback to figure out anyone who might have been exposed, which includes the person’s work. If you haven’t heard anything, the test results have either not come back yet as they take 3-4 days to come back or the person tested negative. The Board of Health where the person being tested resides will give you further directions. 

March 16, 2020 

Question: Does the Board of Health recommend closing daycares and child care facilities?

Answer: According to the Mass Department of Epidemiology, child care facilities are considered a critical resource and there are no recommendations from the state to close. Continue to follow cleaning guidelines and have staff and children wash their hands regularly. *UPDATE Per Governor Baker March 18th, all daycares that are not designated essential will be closed.

Question: An employee at a local daycare center was hospitalized over the weekend for respiratory symptoms. She last worked on Friday. She was released from the hospital and not tested for COVID-19 because she did not meet testing criteria. What are the recommendations to the child care facility?

Answer: According to the Mass Department of Epidemiology, with no direct contact to a confirmed COVID-19 case and not having a pre-existing condition, it is not likely to be COVID-19 and likely another respiratory illness. Increase hand washing and cleaning at the facility. There are no recommendations to close as child care facilities are considered a critical resource. *UPDATE Per Governor Baker March 18th, all daycares that are not designated essential will be closed.

Question: Should large factories remain open as they often have more than 25 people in one room at a given time?

Answer: As long as workers are able to remain more than 6’ away from each other while working, this type of facility is able to remain open and in working order.