School Accountability

Dear Parents or Guardians:

In accordance with the federal No Child Left Behind (NCLB) legislation, I am writing to inform you that district and school report cards for this school year can be found at the ELPS school district's web site at the ELPS webpage. Please select the link on the left side of the page entitled, "School Accountability." Once this link is opened, all of the district and individual school report cards are available.

In the report cards, people will find information and statistics compiled by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education for the East Longmeadow Public Schools. Included in the information are the following categories: teacher quality, student demographics, student academic performance, accountability data, and other key indicators of progress for the East Longmeadow Public Schools.

One requirement in the reporting under the teacher quality category is the percentage of teachers in the district who are "Highly Qualified." Under the NCLB legislation, the term "Highly Qualified" means a teacher who is licensed and has demonstrated subject matter competency in a core academic discipline. Currently, all of the ELPS teachers in core academic disciplines are "Highly Qualified."

Please take a moment to review this information on our public schools. If anyone would like a paper copy of this information, please contact the main office of the individual school for the school copy or the district central office for the district copy. We are proud of the progress that our students continue to make, and I hope that this information provides greater insight into the school system for parents and the community.


Gordon C. Smith
Superintendent of Schools

District Report Card

High School Report Card

Birchland Park Report Card

Mapleshade Report Card

Mountain View Report Card

Meadow Brook Report Card