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Happy 4th of July! Please remember that trash pickup will be delayed starting July 4th for the rest of the week! Stay safe!News2.jpg

The mission of the town of East Longmeadow is to provide waste management services, protect the environment, and promote recycling in order to ensure a safe and healthy community for all generations.

Press Release- 

East Longmeadow’s Recycling Coordinator Liz Bone will be working with an intern this summer on increasing recycling rates in town. Intern Beckett Vigneaux, a student at Birchland Middle School, will be working 40 hours, walking routes and educating the residents on trash and recycling. Beckett has a deep interest in the environment and he is very excited to share his interest with the Health Department and town residents. Through the Recycling Internship Program we plan to increase recycling quality and quantity, and decrease trash. This is great for our environment, and great for the taxpayers as well. We get paid $8 for each ton we recycling and we are charged $75 a ton to dispose of trash. The goal is to move some of that weight over to income generating weight, doubling our impact.

The Recycling Internship program combines a dedicated campaign of public education and direct feedback at the curbside. Included in the education efforts are newspaper and social media ads. As part of the Recycling Internship program, we will be lifting the lids of well over 1000 recycling carts on the daily routes for both recycling weeks. If we find a large amount of plastic bags, trash or other things that don’t belong in the recycling cart, we will be tagging those carts with an “Oops Tag” which will signal to Republic to not pick up the carts.
Food waste, foam containers, dirty napkins, and even clothing are all common problems, yet construction debris, yard waste and even vacuum cleaners turn up in some recycling carts. This is a problem because these items can contaminate a whole load, resulting in having to trash the load, as well as endangering workers on the processing line. The town also gets charged for the cost of contaminated recycling. “Contamination in recycling is a national problem, which has become an urgent issue for all communities in the past year”, said Lisa Nerich, Lynn DPW Associate Commissioner. “China buys 80 percent of the world’s recyclables and in 2017, the country announced new, very strict standards on the quality of recyclables they will accept. As a result, municipalities are now paying the cost of contaminated recycling. Luckily we have dual stream recycling which lessens the contamination rate and East Longmeadow has not had any major contamination violations. Beckett is very excited to work with the Health Department. “I can’t wait for school to end so I can teach people how to recycle and help the environment.”

Remember...Trash/Recycling Delay for holidays. When a collection falls on a holiday, that day's collection and all remaining collections for the week, will be delayed one day. Fridays collection will take place on Saturday.  The pickup calendar is shown below.

Check out the new calendar below beginning July 1st!


  • Weekly trash pick up First bag or barrel of trash at no charge (max. volume 35-gallon/max. weight 50 lbs.)
  • Excess trash disposed for $1.75/bag (33 gallon)
  • Official Green Town Trash Bags available at local stores such as Walgreens, Big Y, Rocky’s, AW Browns, CVS. 
  • Unlimited amount of recycling.
  • Do not put your recyclables in plastic bags, put them directly into container.

For Recycling or trash questions/information, contact the Health Dept at 413-525-5400 ext. 1103.

For Transfer Station Information, contact the DPW at 413-525-5400 ext. 1200

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