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2013 Housing Survey

  1. East Longmeadow Market Rate Elderly Rental Housing Survey
    The East Longmeadow Council on Aging is investigating the need to bring market rate rental housing for the elderly to East Longmeadow. If mailing the form mail to "328 North Main Street East Longmeadow, MA 01028". The Survey is also available online at All fields are required.
  2. Enter zip code of your permanent residence.
  3. Gender:*
  4. What is your current type of housing?*
  5. Do you rent or own?*
  6. How long have you been at your current residence?*
  7. Would you prefer rental or ownership?*
  8. When would you move?*
  9. What type of housing would you prefer?*
  10. Please check up to 5 of your most important amenities:*
  11. How far from the center of town would you prefer to be?*
  12. How many Bathrooms do you need?*
    (.5 bathroom means toilet only)
  13. How many cars would you keep if you moved into housing?*
  14. How much square footage are you looking for?*
  15. Why would want you move?*
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  16. If you were to pursue a condominium or market rate rental, what would you anticipate spending a month including utilities?*
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