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East Longmeadow National Night Out Vendor Registration

  1. Vendor Information
    Thank you for participating in East Longmeadow’s National Night Out Celebration. This community event is sponsored by the East Longmeadow Police Department, the East Longmeadow Fire Department, and East Longmeadow Community Access Television (ELCAT). National Night Out hosts local community groups, businesses, civic organizations, churches and clubs to highlight the resources and services they provide to make East Longmeadow a safe, healthy and supportive community. The event is made possible by the effort and generosity of many volunteers, including public safety personnel, veterans and Rotarians. There is no fee to participate, and all products or services offered to the public at the event must be free of charge. The town provides a 10’ x 10’ space for vendors. We do NOT provide tables, tents, chairs, or signage for vendors/participants. Access to electricity is limited but we will make every effort to locate you near a source of power if you require it. Please notify us well in advance if that’s the case. We cannot accommodate requests made for electricity the day of the event. We try to accommodate requests by returning vendors to be generally where they were in past years, but please understand that we cannot always do so. We also try to fulfil requests to be near other vendors to the extent possible. Please note, however, that there are no “guaranteed reserved” spots and final locations are subject to the discretion of the event coordinators on site at the time of set-up. Please plan to arrive NO LATER than 4:00pm if you need vehicle access to the field to unload. Vendor vehicles must be removed before the event begins. Reserved Vendor Parking is provided along the north side of the high school parking lot.
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