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Zoning Board of Appeals Members
  • Mark Beglane, Chairman
    • 2020
  • Charles Gray, Clerk
    • 2020
  • Brian Hill
    • 2019
  • James Channing, Associate
    • 2020
  • Frances Dean, Associate
    • 2019
  • Daniel Plotkin
    • 2022

Duties & Responsibilities

The Zoning Department provides review and staff support for all appeals and variance applications to the Board of Appeals.

Appeals may be taken by any person aggrieved by reason of his or her ability to obtain a permit or enforcement action from any administrative officer, or by any person including an officer or board of the town, or of an abutting town aggrieved by an order or decision of the inspector of buildings or other administrative official.

Any person may request a variance; however, specific criteria apply and must be met completely for a variance to be granted.

The staff is dedicated to managing development in an efficient, effective, and equitable manner. It is the goal of this department to provide clear, accurate, and timely information to the public concerning planning and development activities within the Town of East Longmeadow.

The office works collaboratively with the Building Department, Public Works, Board of Selectmen and the Police and Fire Departments to help operate the town hall as a fully-functional citizen service hub.