Nutrition Program / Meals on Wheels

We are Meals on Wheels

Nutrition Program

Funded in Part by GSSS

Luncheon is served daily Monday through Friday at noon for a $2.50 donation. Due to an increase in meal and preparation costs and a reduction in funding meal prices will increase to a $3.00 donation effective September 3, 2018.  Please make reservations at least 24 hours in advance. Protein, vegetable, potato / rice, dessert (usually fruit), dark bread and butter, 1% low-fat milk.

Meals on Wheels

$3.00 donation per day delivered Monday through Friday around noon. No income eligibility restrictions.

Who Qualifies?

East Longmeadow residents age 60 and older and their spouses, or individuals younger than 60 living with a disability, who are unable to attend congregate meal sites or have no one to help with meal preparation.

We are Meals on Wheels so no senior goes hungry.

Inclement Weather Policy

When East Longmeadow schools are closed, there will be no Meals on Wheels delivered and no congregate meals served. The Senior Center remains open unless the town hall closes. Please tune to local radio stations and TV Channels 40, 22, and 3 for updates and announcements.