Health Insurance

Once you become eligible for premium free Medicare Part A it is important that you enroll in Medicare Parts A and B. Only Social Security can determine your eligibility. If you are 65 years old or older and it has been determined you are ineligible for premium free Medicare Part A then it is strongly recommended that you reapply each year during the open enrollment period of January 1 through March 31 to receive documentation that you continue to be ineligible. The Town's group health plans will not pay any portion of a claim that Medicare would have covered if a member is determined to have been eligible for Medicare and did not enroll.

Retirees must verify their spouse's eligibility by submitting a marital status affidavit before renewal of the plan in which they are enrolled.

If the spouse is not yet eligible for Medicare then open enrollment from April to May each year.  The plans renew on July 1 so the Retiree Marital Status Affidavit must be received in the Benefits Office prior to July 1.  

       Non-Medicare Plan Information
If the souse is enrolled in Medicare Parts A&B and one of our Medicare plans then open enrollment is in November.  The pans renew January 1 and the Retiree Marital Status Affidavit must be received in the Benefits Office prior to January 1.


Medicare Wrap/Supplement/Replacement Plan Information

Dental Insurance

If you have dental insurance at the time of retirement you can continue coverage for an additional 18 months through COBRA. The rate you will pay as a retiree will be and additional 2% of what our active employees pay. After the 18 months we do have a retiree plan that is available.

COBRA Dental Coverage

    Cobra Dental Enrollment Form

Retiree Dental Coverage

    Retiree Dental Enrollment Form

Life Insurance

If you were covered by the Town's group life insurance at the time of retirement your coverage drops to $1,000 and costs you $0.22 per month.

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