Hazardous Waste

Please contact the Health Dept at 413-525-5400 x1108 for information on the next local hazardous waste event or about questions about disposing of hazardous waste. The next Household Hazardous Waste events are listed below. The East Longmeadow event will be held on September 15, 2018 at the Minechaug High School in Wilbraham. Please call the Health Dept to make an appointment from September 11-13th, 8 AM- 4PM, at 413-525-5400 x 1103. Please let us know what wastes you have and the quantity. Thank you!

Household Hazardous Waste Events 2018


These events are reciprocal, meaning a resident from one town may register for an event in any of the listed municipalities.
Residents who would like to attend another reciprocal event must pre-register with Elizabeth Bone, Recycling Coordinator, at
413-525-5400x 1108.

By appointment only!

Private Hazardous Waste Collection

What Items Are Hazardous Waste?

From the HouseFrom the Garage
From the Workbench
From the Yard
Button Batteries
DrainToilet Cleaners
Fluorescent Light Bulbs
Furniture Polish
Mercury Thermometers
Oven Cleaner
Photo Chemicals
Rubber Cement
RugUpholstery Cleaner

Car WaxPolish
Driveway Sealers
Engine De-greaser
Roofing Tar
Aerosol Cans
Oil Based Paints
Paint StripperThinner
Wood Preservative

Chemical Fertilizers
Flea Control Products
No-Pest Strips
Pool Chemicals
Weed Killers

Do not dispose of any of these items in your regular trash pick up or down the storm drains!
Used Motor Oil and Used Car Batteries: These items can be brought to the DPW Transfer Station with a resident sticker on Somers Rd.

Latex Paint: Paint must be dried up to be collected.  Completely dried paint may be disposed of in the trash. Keep covers off, place cans and loose covers in trash bag.  Bags must be in trash cart to be collected. If left outside of the trash cart, opened cans must be placed in a town overflow bag to be collected. Latex paint is not hazardous waste.         

Propane Tanks: Not accepted at HHW Day, accepted at transfer station.
Need answers to commonly asked questions regarding household hazardous waste? Try searching the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection website.

Important Telephone Numbers

  • Business hazardous waste management questions: 617-292-5898
  • Confidential compliance assistance to businesses: 617-626-1060
  •  Service Center / Permit Assistance: 413-755-2214
         File an Environmental Complaint