Radioactive Trash

Radioactive Trash

Kitty litter, diapers, tissues and other absorbents that have touched fluids from patients or pets undergoing nuclear medicine treatment are radioactive.

Segregate for 90 days before disposing in the trash.

Issues With Radiation in the Trash

Detection of any amount of radiation in the trash causes the following chain of events:

  • The entire 20-ton load is rejected at the disposal facility (CEP).
  • Driver and vehicle are detained for hours while Massachusetts Department of Health is notified.
  • A radiation consultant and hauler sift through the load to attempt to identify the source and type of radiation.
  • If the source can’t be identified, the container is reloaded and quarantined for up to three months, until the consultant determines it to be acceptable at CEP.
  • Cost to taxpayers, ratepayers, or the individual can exceed $1,000.