Household Hazardous Waste Collection @ NEDT Collection Center in Westfield, MA  

Up to $100.00 will be paid for by the Health Department for East Longmeadow residents to dispose of their hazardous waste! View Press Release and details about what you can bring!  

Local Events and Shredding Events

Fix it Clinics, Council on Aging- 328 N. Main St-  December 2nd- Sign up coming soon.

 Shredding and E Waste recycling- First Church at the Rotary- Oct 1st, 9am-12 pm. Drop off a can of food to help fill their pantry!

Drop off your old electronics such as laptops, phones, and printers to ensure they are securely destroyed and recycled. 

$10 per hard drive (loose or in machines), $20 for CRT Monitors. No appliances.

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Review from last Fix it Clinic on March 18th-- Spectrum News 1 Fix it Clinic story