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Recycling makes a difference. A school recycling program is a hands-on, interdisciplinary lesson that educates students about the environment, personal responsibility, community action, and solid waste management. School recycling programs not only impact students and their families but also impact communities and the overall waste diversion in a community. Reach out to teachers and administrators and let's improve our recycling in schools!

School News...

-In September 2022, recycling and composting were introduced to the cafeterias. The Recycling Coordinator began at Meadowbrook school. Because recycling is mandatory in Massachusetts and East Longmeadow, students were taught how to recycle and compost all their lunch waste. Since September, 8200 pounds of food waste has been collected and brought to an organic compost facility. The Recycling Coordinator has moved on to Mt. View and Mapleshade, and she will continue onto Birchland and the high school once the program gets established. 

Some stats from Mt. View.-In one week, 209 pounds of liquids were collected (not put in trash), 46 pounds of recyclable containers, 132 pounds of food waste, and only 19 pounds of trash. 95% of cafeteria waste is recyclable or compostable!


Ms. Souza at Meadowbrook has started to compost! She is also started a crayon and marker recycling program in her class. Take a look at the program she is using to Reuse and Recycle!colorcycle


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